Another initiative in the new academic year at ADA School

Another initiative in the new academic year at ADA School

ADA School started the new academic year with a new initiative. The classrooms at ADA School were given the symbolic names of the regions and cities liberated as a result of the 44-day Patriotic War. It is now possible to see the names of "Shusha", "Lachin", "Zangilan", "Kalbajar", "Khankendi", and other liberated cities and regions, as well as the names of our historical places, along with the room numbers. The main initiative is coming from Samir Javadov, Manager, Student Services, Parent Relations and Ethics at ADA School.

Vice-rector of Academic Affairs at ADA University, Dr. Vafa Kazdal stated that this initiative, which is suggested by the administrative staff of ADA School, was welcomed by ADA University:

"The practice of giving symbolic names to certain rooms is not new at ADA University. Currently, there are rooms with "Absheron", "Karvansara", and "Majlis" names. The foundation of this tradition was laid in the small campus of the University located in Shamil Azizbeyov Street. There were rooms with names such as "Peace", "Marco Polo", "Caspian", and "East-West." Now, by giving the names of our liberated lands, regions, cities, and historical sites to our classrooms, we impart the spirit of those places and revive the atmosphere there at ADA School. At the same time, we continue to remind our students of our ancient ancestral lands, our tremendous victory, and glorious history, which were regained at the cost of the blood of our martyrs."

Samir Javadov expressed his thoughts about the initiative with the following words emphasizing the joy of students who saw classrooms, that are named with the liberated lands’ names:

"It was break time at ADA School. During our conversation with teachers, several students passed by us in the corridor. One of the students asked the other:
-Where will our chemistry course be held?
The student who was heading ahead turned around and responded aloud:
- In Shusha!"

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