Call For Applications: English Proficiency and Journalism Specific Courses

Call For Applications: English Proficiency and Journalism Specific Courses

ADA University is pleased to announce a Call for Course Participation in the “Enhancing English Language Skills of Azerbaijani Journalists” program funded by the U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan.  Designed for non-native speakers of English, the project will help Azerbaijani journalists with fluency in English and improve language skills necessary for communicating effectively and confidently in English. This program is intended for media professionals, current journalists, communication and PR specialists, faculty members from higher education institutions offering journalism degrees, and graduate level students majoring in communication and journalism.

The project will introduce a wide range of semester-long courses on “General English” (1st stage) and “Journalism- specific English” (2nd stage).  These courses will help participants enhance their ability to read, research, and develop local and global news stories in English.  These courses will also help journalists improve their oral expression and listening skills.  The duration of the courses in each stage is four months.  The “General English” course will be divided into two sections:  Speaking- Listening (40 hours) and Reading- Writing (40 hours).  Please note, only participants who successfully complete the first stage will be eligible to pass to the second stage.

Leading instructors of ADA University will deliver these courses. Project participants will have to follow course requirements and fulfill all course assignments.  Upon the completion of the courses, successful applicants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. Additionally, ADA University will initiate a reward program to recognize the achievements of high-performing course participants.

How to apply

ADA University seeks media professionals, faculty members from higher education institutions majoring in communication and journalism, and MA students to apply by filling the application form at the following link:

Elementary and/or pre-intermediate level of English language is required.

Applications should be completed later than December 1, 2022.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview.  

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