The International conference: “Along the Middle Corridor: Geopolitics, Security and Economy” continued in the Port of Baku

The International conference: “Along the Middle Corridor: Geopolitics, Security and Economy” continued in the Port of Baku

The continuation of the international conference "Along the Middle Corridor: geopolitics, security and economy" held at ADA University on November 25 with the participation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, was held in Port of Baku.

Leaders and representatives of prominent think tanks of the USA, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, France, Israel, Switzerland, Italy, Georgia, Canada, Egypt, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia and Turkey participated in the conference.

Welcoming the participants of the conference held in partnership with ADA University, the Institute for Development and Diplomacy and Center of Analysis of International Relations, Director General of Port of Baku Taleh Ziyadov mentioned that Middle Corridor plays an important role between Europe and Asia and has become the main corridor. The director general also informed partipants about the important position of Azerbaijan on the historical Silk Road and the logistics hub concept implemented in our country, noting that the companies that have formed their regional center here can provide prompt service to more than 130 million people living in a radius of 1000 km.

Dr. Fariz Ismailzade, Vice-Rector of ADA University and Director of the Institute for Development and Diplomacy reminded that since 2020, ADA University has been hosting a high-level international conference with the participation of President Ilham Aliyev. He stressed that ADA University traditionally brings together foreign experts and supports them in obtaining detailed information about the Caspian region, regional transport corridors and opportunities for cooperation.

Speaking about the transit potential of the Middle Corridor, Deputy Minister of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Rahman Hummatov highlighted that the transit cargo volume of Azerbaijan increased by 75% in 2022. He added that until 2030, Azerbaijan intends to increase the volume of cargo transportation on the North-South corridor by 15 million tons, on the East-West corridor by 9-10 million tons, and on the East-West-Zangezur corridor by 5-8 million tons.

The participants of the conference have familiarized themselves with the working principle of the terminals in the port located in Alat settlement and got detailed information about the operation of the port.

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