ADA University will cooperate with the Student Loan Fund

ADA University will cooperate with the Student Loan Fund

A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Student Loan Fund and ADA University on the determination of a joint action plan and mutual cooperation.
The memorandum was signed by Fariz Ismailzade, Vice Rector of ADA University, as well as Director of the Institute for Development and Diplomacy, and Araz Pashayev, Chairman of the Board at Student Loan Fund.

A. Pashayev gave information about the activities of the Foundation and the support it provides to students. He mentioned that the memorandum will cover wide spectrums of mutual cooperation and bring positive results for both sides.

Fariz Ismailzade elaborated the educational scholarship offered to students at ADA University and the support given by this scholarship to the development of education. He emphasized that the scholarship has a positive effect on the students' choice of the right specialty, and the loan encourages young people to study with high academic performance. It was added that during 2021-2022, about 100 students at ADA University benefited from the loan provided by the Fund.

The memorandum of cooperation is intended to provide information about education student loans to a wider audience by ensuring cooperation and partnership relations with ADA University, to inform students and parents more correctly about student loans and discounts, to implement projects that increase social responsibility, to organize joint events, and to increase the knowledge and skills of ADA students.

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