ADA University launches first graduate programs within Italy-Azerbaijan University together with Luiss University and University of Bologna

ADA University launches first graduate programs within Italy-Azerbaijan University together with Luiss University and University of Bologna

On January 25, 2023, the first two degree programs were launched within Italy-Azerbaijan University. This milestone event coincided with the visit of Luiss University to ADA. Both being at master degree level, one of the programs, Global Management and Politics is launched together with Luiss University. Another program, Food System Management program is launched together with the University of Bologna.  

Rector Hafiz Pashayev welcomed the audience giving glimpse back to the history of the initiative and three years of groundwork that led to the launch of the first degree programs within this initiative. He highlighted that the goal of this initiative is to prepare body of scholars and manpower of competence in the strategic sectors and high-demand areas.

Raffaella Campaner, Vice Rector of the University of Bologna delivered  her congratulations for the beginning of the academic activities within Italy-Azerbaijan University, she underlined that this project is relevant to the University of Bologna and more widely to the relations between our countries - Italy and Azerbaijan. The collaboration with the University of Bologna within this project include establishing a new School of Agriculture and Food and implementation of teaching and research projects. Relying on the multidisciplinary expertise of the University of Bologna on the so called 'farm to fork' model, a wide range of activities are planned and will be implemented in close future, including bachelor and master degree programs, academic and administrative staff institutional empowerment and capacity building projects, contacts with stakeholders in the agri-food system in both countries, and cultural exposure activities. The program that is being launched with the University of Bologna, the Master of Food System Management, is a two-year master program starting next Fall. The program aims to prepare future managers, advisors and entrepreneurs in the agro-food system.

Vice Rector of Luiss University Raffaele Marchetti stressed that the Italian culture in general is about tailoring, adjusting to local needs and individual aspirations. In this context, GMAP an interdisciplinary program that brings together studies in politology, international relations and business administration, will aim to prepare professionals who can face complex management issues with deep understanding of global political picture and local social-economic issues. An important aspect of this program is also its focus on “Made in Azerbaijan”. Drawing from the know-how and excellence of Made in Italy, this program will teach creating, managing and promoting the brand equity of “Made in Azerbaijan” quality label. The students will have a chance to visit the headquarters of companies known as excellence of Made in Italy and learn about their branding policies.

The launch event was attended by representatives of government and public bodies, associations, organizations, agricultural firms, university representatives and potential candidates. The audience was thoroughly informed about these programs.

The agreements between ADA University bilaterally with Luiss University and University of Bologna were signed on September 01, 2022 during the signing ceremony of Italy-Azerbaijan University that took place within the inauguration of the new building of the embassy and the cultural center of Azerbaijan in Rome. 

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