Call for Applications: Joint Certificate Program: Agricultural and Food Systems Management

Call for Applications: Joint Certificate Program: Agricultural and Food Systems Management

The Certificate Program is designed as a policy dialogue between different stakeholders in the agricultural and food sector of Azerbaijan and Italy. Representatives from the industry, government, and academia will interact and brainstorm to explore answers to pressing issues and challenges of local small and medium enterprises in the agri-food sector through policy, research and entrepreneurial response. Throughout the program the participants will be trained to look for modern solutions tailored to local context by drawing lessons from current global tendencies and best international practices.


The program is designed for representatives across agri-food system of the country including company executives and government representatives to enhance know-how in the sector in an inter-disciplinary approach. 

General Objectives 

Identify short-term and long-term consequences of decision-making, involving different components of the food chains in Azerbaijan, at the national and international markets level;

• Translate innovations into feasible business solutions.

• Explore and generate new ideas in response to current and future challenges;

• Use knowledge, ideas and technology to create new or improved products, services, processes, policies, business models or jobs;

• Build an academic-business nexus, by applying cutting-edge research, processes and techniques towards new venture creation;

• Transform practical experiences in the food sector into research problems and challenges.

Thematic areas:

Food systems

Precise and sustainable farming and water-food nexus

Agricultural production/Horticultural system

Animal production

Food Science and Technology

Made in Azerbaijan and Internationalization 

Didactic approach and method 

The Certificate Program aims to be an open discussion for all participants. Each session will cover specific thematic areas, agreed upon to balance the interests of different stakeholders and the two universities. Seminars will have an open structure to be as inclusive and participatory as possible. The topics will be addressed from an academic, governmental and entrepreneurial point of view. The modules include case studies and experiences from lecturers and entrepreneurs, inviting to an open discussion. At the end of each session, there will be a round table discussion with experts or the program will host high level luncheon guest speaker.


The program is structured in 3 modules taught in the following format:

• Baku module in presence: Introduction and breadth of knowledge - ADA University, Baku, Azerbaijan - April 25-29, 2023

• Asynchronous remote module: Depth of knowledge on topics of demand – June 2023, online

• Bologna module in presence: Field study and visits, Bologna, Italy – July, 2023 

Baku Module 

The module scheduled in Baku foresees the launch of the Certificate Program. Structured in five days, the module will be concluded with a mini-fair of local agricultural companies on the last day at ADA Campus. The thematic areas covered in this module will be revisited and explored in more depth in the following modules (Online and Bologna). Seminars will be generally organized according to the following structure/approach:

Opening: the challenge

Academic responses: what research can do

Enterprenerial responses: what enterprises can do

Governamental responses: what policy can do

Best practices: case history from Italy (by TEAMS or video)

Round table with selected experts and/or high-level luncheon guest speaker

Open discussion 

Online Module

The online module provides lessons on remote basis, adopting the most possible participatory structure. Students will have the opportunity to follow the lessons asynchronously. The module will offer the opportunity to delve deeper in the broad topics introduced during the Baku module based on participant demand. The online module will be organized in June. 

Bologna Module 

The module foreseen in Bologna will be organized as a mix of a limited number of seminars and in class activities and several field visits to relevant sites. The Bologna module will take place tentatively during the third week of July.


The language of the program is English. 


Upon successful completion of the program, all participants will be awarded a joint Certificate by the University of Bologna and ADA University

Note: In order to be considered all participants must have work experience in the relevant fields.

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