Call for applications: 8th ADA-EU Summer Camp

Call for applications: 8th ADA-EU Summer Camp

We are delighted to announce the start of registration for the 8th ADA-EU Summer Camp.

The Camp will be for all children of 9-15 years. Kids will have the opportunity to spend their summertime in educational, but also entertaining form.

  • 19-23 June: Diplomacy

  • 3-7 July: Informational Technologies

  • 17-21 July: Culture&Art

  • 24-28 July: Environment and ‘Smart administration’

The ADA-EU Summer Camp is co-organized by the ADA University, TemizSheher, Center of Excellence in EU Studies (CEEUS) and ADA University Foundation. All program sessions will be delivered in English language by ADA and other experts, as well as representatives of various embassies and international private and public organizations as guest speakers.

How children can attend the Camp?

The schoolchildren can sign up either for entire duration of the Summer Camp or for individual weekly sessions. This Camp will give schoolchildren a unique opportunity to build own understanding in different areas of society, to expand their knowledge and world outlook, to show their creativeness, to develop their analytical abilities for better communication and decision making. Importantly, kids will demonstrate their talents and make new friends in a friendly and intellectually engaging environment.

Course is in English.

The programme includes the teaching materials, transportation, tours and outings, promo materials, tea breaks and lunches

Every session will have a maximum of 30 participants.

The participants will receive certificates at the end of a week.

Process of application is:

  • Follow the link to fill the form Summer Camp 2023 Registration  

  • You have to select in advance what week(s) is (are) selected. No applications will be accepted after end of deadlines.

  • Once form is filled, you will be contacted by our office for confirmation of your registration and whether your kid is selected for the program. You will be requested to sign a contract with ADA on participation of your children in the Camp. Before signing the contract, you will need to decide how many weeks your children attend. You will not be able to sign up for additional week(s) after signing the contract and beginning of the Camp.

  • Once confirmed, you will need to make the payment and send payment receipt back to us.

  • We reserve a right to verify knowledge of English language of a kid before signing the contract.

Early bid registration and payment: 15 April-15 May

       Weekly program cost: 450 AZN

  • If an applicant is registered for more than one week – 400 AZN
  • If more than one applicant is applying from the same family for duration of longer than 1 week - 350 AZN for each applicant for a week
  • Employees of companies of ADA University Foundation Partners - 350 AZN
  • Children of ADA University Alumnus – 350 AZN

No discount will be applied for applicants applying and registering after the deadline.

Registration will be completely closed after 31 May, 18:00

The payment shall be done by a person signing the contract. Name of the participant must be noted in the contract. The tuition fee is not refundable for selected candidates meaning that upon the beginning of the Camp, the participants that do not attend it will not get their tuition fee back.

For more information, contact us at:

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