ADA University held Essay Contest

ADA University held Essay Contest

ADA University Writing Program and Writing Center have successfully completed Essay Contest.

The main goal of the Contest was supporting academic studies of undergraduate students and giving a platform for tomorrow's opinion-shapers to express their research outcomes.
The Essay Contest brought together the most remarkable essays authored by ADA University's current bachelor students.

The submitted essays mainly shed light on the pressing issues related to education, leadership, gender problems, success, technology, and science of well-being.

We highly appreciate all of the hard works of young authors and thank all of them for submitting their essays.

We are delighted to share the three most outstanding essays with our curious readers:

1. "Either Healthy or Secure: A Literature Review on Cyber Threats to Medical Devices and Measures to Protect Them" authored by Khalil Asadzade, BSCS, Class of 2023, School of IT and Engineering.

2. "Gender Differences in Teenage Depression and the Role of Educational Institutions in Fighting it" authored by Nargiz Mammadova, BBA, Class of 2023, School of Business.

3. "Negligible Misunderstanding or Concealed Danger: A Literature Review of Causes of Workplace Bullying in Businesses" authored by Fatima Davudlu, BBA, Class of 2023, School of Business.

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