The founder and CEO of "MacFrut" met with agriculture representatives at ADA University

The founder and CEO of "MacFrut" met with agriculture representatives at ADA University

Renzo Piraccini, the founder and CEO of "MacFrut", one of the leading agricultural exhibitions in Europe specialized in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, met with representatives of agriculture at ADA University within the framework of Italian-Azerbaijani University project.

Piraccini attended the meetings with the Caspian Event Organizers, the Italian Trade Agency, "Azersun Holding” group of companies, the Ministry of Agriculture and AZPROMO.

On August 31, expert's seminar was held at ADA University. The seminar was attended by representatives of agricultural enterprises and students.

The event discussed the knowledge and skills required to compete in the rapidly changing global horticulture and horticulture sector,

“During my stay in Baku, I observed the price and quality of agricultural products in local markets. Your products are of good quality. However, in order to bring these products to the world market, it is important to first adapt them to international standards. and provide theoretical and practical support to manufacturers,” Renzo Piracchini stated.

Professor Matteo Vittuari of the University of Bologna and Manuela Traldi, President of the Italian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce, also spoke at the seminar, emphasizing the importance of strengthening inter-sectoral ties in this area educational programs for a new generation.

It should be noted that during his visit to Azerbaijan, Renzo Piracchini visited the Guba and Gusar regions, met with local companies specializing in growing fruits, got acquainted with the organization of the work process and exchanged ideas.

The visit of an expert to our country provides local specialists with the opportunity to gain international experience. The MacFrut exhibition is an international promotional platform for companies specializing in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. The MacFrut Academy, which is operating under this platform, provides professionals with a wealth of knowledge in food supply chain management, such as the application of innovation and expertise. 

This event is an integral part of the collaboration between ADA University and the University of Bologna and aims to disseminate the international experience of agricultural and food industry managers and experts. This academic collaboration with the University of Bologna also includes the provision of postgraduate, undergraduate, and graduate programs.

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