School of Public and International Affairs
Orkhan Nadirov

Orkhan Nadirov

Assistant Professor

Public Administration

  • Email: onadirov[at]
  • Phone: 427
  • Office: D321

  • Public Finance & Budgets
  • Policy Analysis & Program Evaluation
  • Budgeting & Finance in Public Organizations
  • Policy Analysis & Evaluation
  • PhD, Tomas Bata University in Zlín 

o Visiting PhD Student, Tax Administration Research Centre (TARC), University of Exeter Business School

o Visiting PhD Student, Department of Applied Psychology: Work, Education and Economy, University of Vienna

  • MS, Hacettepe University
  • BS, Azerbaijan State University of Economics
Joined ADA August, 2020
Publications - Gurbanov, S., Nadirov, O., Gasimova, S., Mukhtarov, E., & Dehning, B. (2023). Testing the twin deficit hypothesis for resource-rich economies in the era of climate change. Applied Economics Letters, 1–6. 

- Nadirov, O., & Dehning, B. (2023). Trust in public programmes and distributive (in) justice in taxation. Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, 36(3), 2222307. 

- Nadirov, O., Aliyev, K., Dehning, B., Sharifzada, I., & Aliyeva, R. (2021). Life Satisfaction and Tax Morale in Azerbaijan: Mediating Role of Institutional Trust and Financial Satisfaction. Sustainability, 13(21), 12228.

- Aliyev, K., Nadirov, O. & Dehning, B. Income and Life Satisfaction: A ‘Wave Formation’ Framework. Journal of Happiness Studies (2021)

- Nadirov, O., Dehning, B., & Pavelkova, D. (2021). Taxes and the incentive to work under flat and progressive tax systems in Slovakia. Economics and Sociology, 14(2), 40-5

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- Vychytilova, J., Nadirov, O., Pavelkova, D., & Mikeѕka, M. (2020). Risk Reporting Practices of Listed Companies: Cross-Country Empirical Evidence from the Auto Industry. Journal of Competitiveness, 12(4), 161–179.

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- Dehning, B., Aliyev, K., & Nadirov, O. (2016). Modelling 'productivity' of budget expenditure items before-and-after the oil boom in a resource-rich country: Evidence from Azerbaijan. International Journal of Economic Research, 13(4), 1793-1806.

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